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Rental Application Process

Please follow these steps:

  1. Print out and complete the Rental Qualifications form.  If you would like to continue the process, please:

  2. Fill out the Residential Rental Application.

  3. Submit the Qualifications and Residential Application to our office at 408 Blandwood Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27401.  Office hours are Monday - Thursday 10-4 and Friday 9-2.  Applications are reviewed and processed in the order of delivery to our office.

  4. A deposit equal to one month's rent must accompany all applications.  Applications are not complete without a deposit. 

  5. Print out and complete the Guaranty of Rents.  Have it signed and notarized by your co-signer.  All students must have a co-signer.  All prospective renters with less than good credit must have a co-signer.  The Guaranty of Rents form must be submitted to Chaney Properties within 3 days of your application.

  6. Print out the Check List to make sure you have completed all steps.

  7. Click Here to see an example Insurance Declaration Form. Your declaration page should reflect the highlighted on the attachment.

  8. You will be notified within 2 business days if your application has been approved.  At that time we will schedule a time for you to sign your lease.  All paperwork must be completed and all leases signed within seven business days of approval.

Commercial applicants may download our commercial application here.